Like Reading Sport Magazines?

Do you enjoy watching sports and sports discussions on the TV channels? Yes many people do! There are number of sports channels, which brings you latest matches and their highlights. But still you need something which gets you thorough insight about your favorite sports, from match-summaries, previews, predictions, insightful articles and fantastic photographs and even the gossips about the players. These all things can only be found in a good sports magazine, which brings each and every detail of the sports.

Nowadays you can find a massive collection of sports magazines in your nearby magazine stand. It’s for sure that there is a magazine for each sport. Let’s say whether its basketball, ice hockey, football, golf or Olympics the sports magazines cover all kind of sports news for both men and women Elisa Gayle Ritter. Comprehensive coverage of the world’s leading pro events, top inside stories, big name interviews and stunning photography.

Some also contain a special column for the fan followers of the various games. Which contain various detail information about the sports Celebes, as each fan want to know about his/her player in detail, and only a good sports magazine can bring it for them. There are also photographs and posters of famous sports Celebes available inside these magazines which a fan always dreams to have. As we see it has become so convenient to get a magazine as it is sold on the web. These online stores hold a large collection of magazines of all categories. Which make things easier for people? Isn’t it?

Cosmopolitan magazine was founded in 1988 and was marketed as a family magazine featuring hints and tips on relationships, beauty and careers. They are synonymous with quality articles and have been the staple of every woman’s inventory for years. Fast forward to this year and the Cosmopolitan magazine has become an influential superpower for young women with over two million subscribers in the United States and popularity as far reaching as the Philippines.

With such a great reach and influence on modern women, one of the major concerns is of the content being espoused in the magazine that was once a primary source of information for empowering women and creating a happy home.

A quick glance at the cover of today’s Cosmopolitan magazines show the words “Sex” in bold, along with semi-naked men and guides on “Spicing up” relationships. First impressions would lead us to believe that this magazine is of adult entertainment nature instead of the wholesome image it was once recognized. Critics are quick to point out that Cosmopolitan magazine insist that their magazine is about helping women to improve their relationships, however hypocritically, the magazines are often centrefold laden with pictures of naked men. How could these images possibly help any relationship between men and women? Do they not encourage promiscuity?

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