Truck Driving Schools – What They Won’t Tell You

Attending a truck driving school is the pre-requisite for those wishing to gain entry into the transport industry in the United States. This industry is one of the largest in the country and it is little wonder when you realise that nearly all freight that is moved throughout the country will at some stage spend time on the back of a truck. The US Dept of Labor estimates that in any one year 400,000 new drivers are required to fill the vacancies left by drivers either leaving the industry or retiring. This is an enormous number of people that more than likely will have to attend a truck driving school in order to obtain their CDL, and at present just over 300,000 are being provided as new recruits.

The decision on which truck driving school to attend can be one that is complicated by many issues. The cost of tuition is always going to be of major concern and attending a truck driving school does not come cheaply, even at the lower end of the scale. Then there is the issue of the course structure itself, as these also vary from each schools. We feel that these are some of the more important factors that should be considered: Driving School Rotterdam

1. Is your truck driving school accredited? PTDI accredited schools are the most recognized in the US and you can’t go wrong if you attend one of these. 2. Is the course going to provide you the necessary entrance level qualifications? 3. Do you have finance options, and if so what are they and are the terms satisfactory? 4. Course duration – are the hours being plumped by unnecessary and time wasting subjects, and what are the classroom facilities like? 5. Admission requirements – each truck driving school will have a set of minimum requirements, many of these are required by law. 6. Does your school offer job placement? 7. How many actual hands-on hours are spent in the truck on a one-on-one basis? 8. What type of trucks do they train in and are the modern and well maintained?

If these eight main issues are answered satisfactorily then chances are that this truck driving school is going to prove to be well worth attending. You can always go one better and find a past or present student to talk to who will be able to advise you on how happy they were during the course. Were they given all the attention they needed? Were the teachers knowledgeable and patient? Was the classroom learning experience computer assisted and easy to follow. These are all the things that can mean the difference between sailing through the course with flying colors or struggling because of poor communication, bad equipment etc.

Choosing to become a truck driver is to be commended. It is a hard life, but very rewarding as you pass each milestone in your apprenticeship. It should never be taken lightly because driving these huge rigs is a big responsibility as any trucker will tell you. Safety is an issue that will not be neglected in the PTDI accredited truck driving schools. They impress very strongly on young novice drivers safety issues and during your examination this is one of the first issues you will be required to pass. Safety of yourself and your fellow road travellers is an essential ingredient that is required in making a professional truck driver.

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