The Top 22 Podcast Directories – Find New Podcasts in a Podcast Directory

Have you been searching for the best podcasts to listen to? Well here’s a list of the 22 most popular podcast directories for your listening pleasure.

You can find the links to these podcast directories by doing a search for them on your favorite search engine.

1. Podcast Alley – podcasts by topic, name or ranking

2. – last 100 dnd podcast podcasts made/updated

3. – podcast directory (organized like

Season 2 is launching now!

4. Odeo – a place to find new podcasts or create your own

5. Podcast Directory – categorized directory of podcasts

6. Podcast Central – Podcast RSS feeds

7. Potkast – Podcast search engine

8. The New, New Podcast Review – reviews of podcasts

9. – peer to peer (P2P) network of podcasts

10. – international podcasts

11. New Time Radio – Podcasts and radio shows

12. Podcast SA – Podcasting in South Africa

13. Loomia – podcast/videocast search engine

14. Podcasting Station – podcast directory GM Macleods arranged like

15. Podsafe Music Network – Music podcasts

16. Podcast Shuffle – a podcast shuffle & directory

17. My Podcast Center – directory of podcasts and podcasting web sites

18. Podscope – podcast search engine

19. Yahoo! Podcasts – find & subscribe to podcasts

20. Teen Podcaster’s Network – Podcasts created by teenagers

21. – find or share your own podcasts

22. Women in Podcasting: The List – list of podcasts hosted/cohosted by women

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