Services of Tax Advisor Or CPA For Self Employed

Unlike accountants, bookkeepers, and other bookkeepers here in NYC, now a days Certified Public Accountants are qualified and skilled business advisers who are not just individuals that prepare your business and personal taxes. In so many words, they are financial strategists who can help you chart the path that your business should be heading in.

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NYC Business owners today are employing CPA for a variety of reasons over and above accounting and taxes. In addition to these basic CPA functions, they can also assist you by determining what new product lines you can add for additional profits, helping with investment diversification, and providing other business and consulting services as well Tax Advisor .

The value of hiring a CPA if you are a freelancer in NYC

In addition to the above information, you should be aware that a CPA can help you in other areas, especially if you are a freelancer (independent contractor or self-employed business person) here in NYC. They can also assist you in the areas of estate, financial, retirement, and tax planning as well as providing you with advice and recommendations regarding your current accounting system.

What distinguishes a CPA from other accounting professionals or bookkeepers are the educational requirements as well as stricter licensing and qualification requirements. It takes a considerable amount of work to achieve CPA designation compared to these other individuals. Here are some questions to consider when you are deciding why you should hire a CPA if you are a freelancer in NYC:

o First and foremost, does the individual you are interviewing hold a valid NYC CPA license?
o Does the CPA communication style and personality compatible with your business and personal accounting needs?
o Does the CPA possess the experience that meets your needs?

Services to consider if you are a freelancer looking for a CPA

The accounting and tax requirements of a freelancer are considerably different from those of a regular business owner, especially where tax accounting, filing, and actual preparation are concerned. Here are some services that you should look for when hiring a experienced CPA here in NYC to facilitate your freelance accounting and tax needs:

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