Parasites: Do You Have Them?

Big fat juicy ones, long slim slimey ones, itsy, bitsy, tiny, winy worms. When we hear this song we often think of earthworms or dew worms, but these worms will never live inside of you. But, the inevitable but. We don’t want to hear it! There are those creepy critters that can and do live inside of humans. There are many types from microscopic Giardia to large worms like the Tape Worm. Canadians are often prone to think that only people living in tropical countries get worms. Not so, as I found out.

My family and I have had a few of our own. I’ve seen other therapists, who eat an impeccable vegetarian diet, get worms. My son at 5 months who had barely started eating solid food ended up with a whole diaper full of “live” Whip Worms, after I had given him a few days of Garlic tincture.
Where do you get these critters? Well, you can get them off unwashed or improperly washed vegetables and fruits. From improperly cooked meat, from hand to mouth transfer, sexually, through the skin buying guide Best Axe For Splitting Wood 2022, from water etc. If you are backpacking or camping remember to boil your water or use a filter.
Some parasites, like Giardia, can cause severe symptoms within the day of infection. There are others, which are less disease-causing. I picked up one from unfiltered and unboiled water from a campsite within Canada.

My symptoms were not nearly as severe as the Giardia victims.
Symptoms range from severe watery, bloody diarrhea to mild diarrhea or no diarrhea at all. There are many symptoms of parasites that go unnoticed. Some of them are; itchy nose, itchy skin on body, hang nails, nervousness, irritability, nervous fits, picking the nose, biting finger nails, itchy anus, very low energy, bronchitis etc What I have seen and found with people is that those with worms often do not have diarrhea at all and those with the microscopic Ameba forms like Giardia will get the diarrhea. The reason for this is the way the parasite actually acts in the system. Giardia for instance will actually burrow into the mucosa membrane of the intestinal wall, which is what causes the pain, blood and diarrhea. The body’s natural response is to shed the irritant, which is one of the reasons the diarrhea happens.

There are worms that also burrow into the walls of the intestines too. For instance, when my son had the Whip Worm he couldn’t sit down without being in extreme pain. But the Garlic did them in.

I’ve mentioned Garlic a few times, but what else will work? Look into your kitchen spice cupboard for a few more. Besides Garlic, there is Sage, Cloves, Tumeric Hyssop tea, Ginger, Flax Seeds, Fennel, Pumpkin Seeds, both Thyme and Oregano could also help though their effect is mostly anti-fungal. There are some other herbs that are not used for cooking such as Wormwood, Black Walnut, Grapefruit seed extract and many more that are employed for their ability to be toxic to the parasite but not to you. I also find that people often need a combination of herbs to really clear their system. I find I often employ these combinations and get excellent results.

How does one go about finding whether or not they have a parasite or parasites? From my experience, having worked in a microbiology lab, regular lab testing is like trying to find a needle in a haystack. You have to concentrate the stool down, then look for eggs of worms or look for the dormant or active forms of the Ameba. This takes hours and in my opinion is a waste of taxpayers money. If you ever get a “negative” result, don’t assume you don’t have parasites.

There is a better way, as Hulda RegehrClark discovered, parasites can be detected according to their electrical energy. This can be measured by computerized equipment or manually through Muscle Response Testing.
How do you go about getting rid of them? The way I see it; if someone has severe symptoms they must take a good dose of one or more of the herbs listed in order to feel better faster. They could do the cleansing aspect after. If you have chronic symptoms, which is what I often see, then you could start with the cleansing and the parasite herbs together. Keep in mind that many of the herbs can be made into a tea, though I tend to use the tinctures (liquid alcohol or glycerite forms) or capsules. The teas are often bitter and you need to drink a lot of it if you have a “large” problem. For convenience I use the tinctures and the capsules. (Remember to use a reputable herb company. Not all herbs are equal, quality control for some companies is very poor. It makes a huge difference and as I have discovered the cheaper is not always the best choice!)

Cleansing involves one or more of the following; colonics, enemas, liver/kidney combinations to cleanse these organs, a fiber supplement, bentonite clay, some form of the liver/gallbladder flush, and some good over all alteratives or cleansing herbs to get the toxins out of the body. Remember, a person who has a toxic waste dump in their body, will always attract parasites.

Something else to consider is that those who have a toxic waste site in their mind, and have trouble with setting boundaries with people, will also have trouble with physical parasites. You can use some of these herbs in very small doses to help those with “boundary parasites”, people who you just can’t seem to stand up to.

If your problem is simple, sometimes just ground cloves may work, but if more severe, seek out a professional holistic practitioner. If you have had chronic problems that seem to stay with you and nothing is helping, seek out the help of a practitioner. Invest in your health, it is the greatest asset you have!

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