Mink Eyelash Extensions

While most people are familiar with mink blankets, there are actually quite a few reasons why people choose mink eyelashes. Besides being warm and cozy, these lashes come in a wide variety of styles, lengths, and textures. Here are some of the many benefits of mink lashes for your eyes.

mink eyelashes

While you can purchase mink eyelashes in stores, the bulk of your options are available online. Real mink eyelashes come primarily from the animal hair of the Siberian or Chinese mink, which is an animal like a mink or otter. The natural fibers in mink false eyelashes, however, come from the new synthetic fiber eyelash extensions made to look like the fine, fluffy hairs found in human eyelashes. The new synthetic fibers do not come apart easily, so you will have to carefully press them between two fingers to keep them attached.

Unlike mink blankets and mink eyelashes manufactured by other companies, vegan silk lashes are handmade with soy-based oils in their bases. This helps to ensure that the eyelash has a longer life and that they feel soft to the touch. The thicker consistency of the mink and the more natural qualities of the vegan mink eyelash products make it a great choice for those who enjoy wearing eyelash extensions. The strong, pliable qualities of the eyelash make it possible to gently tug on them without damaging the base.

Mink fur is considered to be one of the most luxurious-looking fabrics available on the market today. The beautiful texture of mink eyelashes is also one of their most coveted characteristics. If you are not careful, you can easily fall in love with the way the fabric looks and feels. However, if you choose mink eyelashes with good quality and natural look, you will find that you can get a dramatic difference in the way that your eyes look. The more luxurious and natural the look, the more expensive the product will be.

In addition to being beautiful, mink eyelashes have other benefits. Since they are made of 100 percent natural materials, mink fiber is biodegradable, meaning it will break down naturally and will eventually disappear. In fact, once the fiber has broken down, it begins to produce its own keratin protein. This is a good thing because if humans were to attempt to create their own collagen and protein, it would be extremely difficult to duplicate the effects that mink fur has. Therefore, as you age, your eyes will slowly begin to take on a more worn-in appearance.

Mink eyelash enhancers are also much easier to apply than other products. There is no curling irons or heat applied to the mink because the fibers do not actually get wet. They just stand still as you brush them through your hair. In addition, you can get wet mink eyelashes without fear of smearing as you go along because the glue that holds them in place dries instantly when you get wet. Therefore, you do not have to worry about smearing or gluing the product on in the manner that you might if you were applying traditional gels or creams.

Even though mink eyelashes are very soft, they are also completely hypoallergenic. Because of this, you can wear them on any part of your body and they will not cause an allergic reaction. Mink fiber is not irritating to the skin at all, so you can use them anywhere you want.

You also have the option of having your mink lash make curl into a dramatic arc or you can let the curl stay straight for a more natural look. Curling the lashes will make the curl appear thicker, longer and darker. Whether you choose to let the curl stay straight or to make a dramatic arc, the result will be very beautiful.

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