Men of Vision in Nation Building

Vision is simply the power of sight, which is a function of the enlargement of an individual’s mind, resulting to one possessing a broader perspective and perception. It takes men of vision for the building of a nation to be possible. Men with a large heart and mind; and a broader look of things. Nation builders must be visionaries within their countries; they should serve as the eyes of their nation. If there is any handicap in most nations today, it is the absence of visionaries. Men with greater insight into the what, why, how, where, when, and who of nation building. Nation building is not the duty for blind people, but for men of vision.

This implies that, a visionary is a hero in nation building, who sees and corrects what others don’t see.
Through the eyes of vision, Problems are viewed as promotions, Crises as opportunities, Obstacles as miracles,

Set backs as set-ups for comebacks God, give us men of vision. In this course, we will be looking at vision in three different perspectives. Vision, as insight to what one has. Vision, as an inward picture, or Conception. Vision as foresight into the future.

Life owes no man. All that we need is already within and around us. All what a nation needs to become an economic power is already within that nation. All what is needed, is insight into what each nation has. It is easy to appreciate what another person has, at the expense of what one has. Most people as a result of their ignorance order or import what they have and even pay expensively for what they have. Many developing countries are looking abroad not knowing that what they are looking for is already within their reach. Developing nations should stop searching for what is not lost; all what they need are visionaries who through the power of vision will uncover what individual nations have.

Nation builders are men who are able to see something, where others see nothing. Perceive opportunities in the midst of crises. Moses, one of the greatest nation builders in scriptural history, came to a place of vision, where he could appreciate the rod in his hand. He carried the answer to the deliverance of his nation in his hands but he did not realise it, until when his eyes opened. If each developing nation will only realise what she has at her disposal, then invest to develop it, then there will be a breakthrough in economic power in each developing nation this century. It seems to me that, the advanced societies see more of what developing countries have than the developing countries themselves. While citizens of developing countries travel abroad to do mean jobs, citizens of advanced nations travel to developing nations to exploit the treasures they have. Developing nations have been plagued with the third world mentality in such a way that, their self-esteem has given way to inferiority complex. Citizens from advanced nations come and succeed in developing nations, while citizens of developing nations are running away to seek for asylum in the west. I remember as a child, how much I appreciated ‘Whiteman yards’, because of their flowers and fruit gardens. What makes it difficult for us to have planted our own flowers? Mentality!

I believe this is the time of change for all nations. What each nation needs are visionaries who will uncover what they have at their disposal. The difference between a poor nation and a rich nation is in the ability to make use of what each nation has. There is no nation even in the developed world, which has maximized even 30% of what she has. Nations are perplexed simply because of ignorance of the answers within their reach. Ignorance of what one has, is the greatest enemy to the maximisation of one’s potential. There is no empty place but blind people. Just imagine Israel (with a terrain which looks like a barren desert) a single cow produces sixty litters of milk a day, which proves that

There is Water even in the driest desert, Paths even in the wildest wilderness, but it takes men of vision to Vision 20 see the solution within a nation.

There is no reason why there should be powerful nations and weaker nations. Stronger economies and weaker economies. According to Providence, every nation has what it takes to become a superpower. All its take is for that nation to discover her human and natural resources, and then invest in transforming them into influence and affluence.

Nothing happens by chance. It is said in physics that ‘an object is at its resting place until a force is applied to it. Human and natural resources are like seeds within a nation, until they are cultivated and developed to their fullest potential, they can’t yield dividend.

Each nation must go beyond wishing to working, investing to transform both her human and natural resources into wealth and strength.

There can’t be a nation without people. People are the greatest strength of a nation. Every citizen of a nation is carrying great potential to contribute in nation building. It is unfortunate that many are looking up to their country, not knowing their country is looking up to them. Some out of ignorance of what they carry have surrendered themselves to drunkenness, smoking, immorality, gambling, etc. For a nation to be built, individuals must discover their unique potential and their area of contribution. In most developing countries, out of 100% only 2 % of the people are involved in nation building. The rest sit as liabilities, complaining, murmuring and criticizing, while some spend all their time in bars and chicken parlours. I believe it’s time we changed, before we are chased. One of the areas a nation should invest in, is in developing the people within it. A less developed country is not necessarily a poor country, but a country with less developed minds. It is people who change a society and not the society which changes people. The development of people should be the focus of any nation, through her educational scheme. For a nation to achieve effective development, quality education is expedient. For an educational process to be effective in achieving human development, it must offer academic programs which are holistic in nature, taking into consideration the development of the total man. Such an educational process will produce well developed individuals, capable of responding to multiple life’s privileges and responsibilities.

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