Information on Healthy Eating for Vegetarians

Thinking of going meatless? You are not alone. People often decide to eat a healthier and nutritious diet by eating a semi-vegetarian, pescatarian, vegan or lacto-ovo diet. Here is some information on healthy eating for those wanting to eat a meatless or modified diet.

Information on Healthy Eating -Protein

Most people think that it is nearly impossible to get enough protein while on a meatless diet. The truth is most people eat too much protein and if you are eating a balanced diet you should be able to get plenty of protein without eating meat. Look to other sources such as whole grains, beans and legumes and soy. Nuts and protein supplements can also play a role in providing adequate protein to vegetarians. Intervallfasten

Information on Healthy Eating – Dairy

Many cultures that do not eat meat and are considered vegetarian do include dairy products (milk, cheese, butter etc.) in their diets and regard dairy products as vegetarian. However, from an ethical, medical and modern environmental viewpoint, as well as from a vegan perspective, milk and milk products cannot be accepted as vegetarian, because they are obtained from animals. Each person needs to answer for themselves, and if you decline to eat dairy products as part of your vegetarian diet, there are plenty of substitutes available to you. Rice milk, soy and other non- dairy products will fill the bill.

Information on Healthy Eating – Eggs

This is a controversial subject regarding consumption of eggs for obvious reasons. The egg is the un-hatched chicken after all. True vegetarians will not include eggs in their diet, and many have forsworn recipes that contain egg products. Lately the conversation has included the discussion of infertile vs. fertile eggs. If a hen is mature and no cockerel exists in the flock, she will lay infertile eggs. As part of the vegan/vegetarian purpose to safeguard all animal life, this is good news. Infertile eggs will not hatch and contain no baby chick. Therefore they can be considered cruelty- free and therefore consumable by vegetarians.

So eat hearty vegetarians, pescetarians, and lacto-ovo eaters. Take this information on healthy eating and apply it to your own dietary habits. Enjoy your lifestyles with a balanced diet rich in whole grains and protein. Use your non-dairy substitutes and even eat the occasional egg. There is plenty of research and information on healthy eating for you to use for good nutrition and good health.

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