How to Apply For a Replacement Deed at No Cost

Why would you apply for a replacement deed poll? Well, you may have noticed that there are many more properties for sale on the market than ever before. However, you may also notice that there are fewer properties available for purchase through the traditional methods, such as estate agents. With an agent you may have to pay a premium to get your property listed, which could put the sale of your home at risk, depending on how long you have the agent to list your property for. If you apply for a replacement deed poll you can save yourself thousands of pounds by doing everything yourself.

apply for a replacement deed poll

You need to apply for a replacement deed poll to stop any action that could be brought against you if you listed the property as an existing dwelling. This includes any action brought against you for changing the type of accommodation you live in. For example, if you are living in a council house you could be sued if you sold your home without going through the correct processes. However, when you apply for a replacement deed poll you can instead apply for a statutory declaration.

A statutory declaration is a legal document that tells you who owns a property. If the property changes hands during the course of the mortgage agreement then it becomes the responsibility of the new owners to tell you who they are. The mortgage company will need to know who the new owners are and whether you are satisfied with the new address for the property. You must sign the form provided by the lender and then take it to the office to be registered. It can take up to 14 days for the new certificate to be posted to the relevant office.

If you don’t own the property anymore and want it to be registered then you must apply for a deeds survey certificate. The certificate tells you where the property is and how much it is worth. You must buy it from the seller if you want it registered. If you want to buy it otherwise you can apply for a new deeds record.

If you want your property to be free from any kind of liens then you should apply for a set charge deed poll. This works in that the new owners will clear all existing debts against the property and clear it out so that it can be sold. This means that the new owners won’t have to pay any money towards taxes or anything like that.

The costs involved in both of these types of deeds poll are the same. There are also no charges for the first year that the property is on open use. You do have to pay something if you apply for a deed in the first year though and this is because you have to add a small amount of money to the open use price.

When you apply for a replacement deed it is best to apply to a few different companies. This is to ensure that you can get the best deal possible. A few places may charge a fee that is over two hundred pounds or will require a larger number of forms that you need to fill out in order to get a new deed recorded.

The process of taking a property off the market is a long and arduous one. It can take months and even years for your house to be listed as for sale by public. There are many people who are looking to take advantage of a property that is going up for sale and to help them, they will often look to get a hold of a deed poll. This is a necessity in order to save time and make the process of selling your house as smooth as possible.

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