Do Men Really Care About Breast Enlargement?

Our culture loves a curvy female body, which has made breast enlargement a popular cosmetic procedure. There are various ways to achieve an ample bust line including padded push up bras, doing pushups or yoga to increase the protrusion by the pectoral muscles, gaining weight to increase the body’s fatty makeup which may contribute to bigger breasts, and surgical augmentation. Are large bosoms really so popular with both men and women and why?

Breast augmentation is a surgical procedure performed by a cosmetic surgeon to amp bosoms into fuller and larger mounds. The operation entails the doctor placing medical devices called implants into the chest wall either beneath the pectoral muscle or directly beneath the breast tissue Hips enlargement . The implants are filled with either a saline or silicone solution and come in a variety of sizes, shapes and protrusions. A woman should think carefully about what type she should select, as there are pros and cons to each.

Why is enlargement popular with women?

Balanced figure: Larger, fuller bosoms make the waistline and hips appear smaller. A balanced figure equates to looking like an hourglass, which has remained a desired look for eons.

Femininity: Rounded chests are strictly a female feature. Having cleavage and full breasts makes a woman look and feel more feminine.

Confidence: Liking one’s own appearance equates to increased self-confidence and self-image. The way a person perceives their own appearance directly links to the ways they interact with their world. Increased self-confidence leads to a happier person who is likely to become more successful and compassionate to others.

Mommy makeovers: Augmentations are quite popular with mommies who have completed their childbearing and breastfeeding duties but are left with flattened pouches on their chests. Having a makeover, which includes an augmentation, will give them back their perky bust line and attitude. A happier mommy will raise happier children.

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