Convey Website Credibility Authentically!

Your prospects want one thing and one thing only! They want the reassurance that what you say about what you offer is legitimate. Because credibility is crucial to the success of your business, convincing potential clients that you can deliver is key. And although conveying credibility is always a challenge, conveying credibility through a web site can be even more of a challenge.

Integrity From a Distance!

Because a great many designers, developers, web masters and business owners in today’s market conduct their business primarily by way of the Internet, in all likelihood they will never come face to face with clients or business contacts. Convincing people of our integrity from a distance definitely presents a more formidable task, but one that can be overcome. How? By giving site visitors the facts!

Gain Your Client’s Trust!

If your goal as a business owner is primarily focused on helping your clients increase sales, improve efficiency, prevent a crisis or understand why a particular strategy might work for them, you must do whatever it takes to gain your clients’ trust. To be chosen for their next project, you have to find a way to prove yourself.

Alleviate a Lack of Connection!

One great strategy that can boost project inquiries is through the appropriate online presentation of your skills, experience, and professionalism. One of the best ways is through a factual and professionally prepared bio presentation. A well prepared biography can alleviate the lack of connection you have with your clients plus a descriptive and authentic presentation of your experience can add valuable credibility to your business.

What Is a Bio?

A bio is most appropriate when incorporated into a web site, proposals, business plans, portfolios and press kits. Most often entrepreneurs, artists, writers, designers, web developers, business owners, professionals and consultants use a bio. But what exactly is a bio? It’s a portal into your professional experience or your company’s growth and expansion. It is a condensed version of your career history designed to give potential clients insight into who you are and what you about. However, while your bio is the short story of your professional life, keep in mind that it should highlight the most important aspects of your experience so that it demonstrates your credibility.

What’s Included in a Bio?

As you prepare your bio, remember its purpose: to make a strong statement that boosts your credibility. Consider first the types of people that might be interested in your services or products. What kinds of information do you think a prospect would want to know? What will impress them? As an example, web designing and development have become highly competitive fields, therefore you must show prospects why they should choose you over your competitors. Don’t be hesitant to do a bit of boasting, but don’t lie about having done something you haven’t achieved. There’s nothing wrong with presenting yourself dynamically, but never make anything up. It can come back to haunt you.

The First Few Seconds!

The first few seconds of reading your online presentation are the most critical. Since you’re attempting to convince viewers that you have what they want, convey your expertise proudly. Ideally, your presentation should be no longer than a page. Here’s a list of the key points your bio might contain:

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