A Closer Look At The DNS Smart Phone

DNS Smart Changer helps you automatically change your existing network DNS every time you log onto the web. When playing online games, help you minimize ping while blocking unwanted content. DNS Smart Changer offers great value for its price as it is 100% Free, easy to use and completely customizable. It is fully compatible with all major web browsers. Just install the browser, and configure the DNS for it.

dns smart

For example, if you are playing a game on Facebook, set the DNS of your friends to those that have a Facebook account. Or, play online games that require user input. By using the “Neymar” Dictionary you can make your own dictionary and save it for use with the Neymar Social Network. For example, if you are in a Craps game and want to change to the Facebook chat room, just copy the URL and paste into the chat box.

Using this service will not only make you more efficient but will also save you time. For example, if you are in a Craps tournament, your chat partner may be on vacation or may not be online. You can easily inform them of the switch. They will then be online when they become available. You can then chat without having to type in each line of the URL.

For those who prefer to chat in a private channel, this is also easy. Simply use the Firefox, Chrome, Safari, or Opera browser and enter the chat channel. Your IP is not recorded and you can choose which browser you want to chat in. If you are using a public chat room, you will not have access to your own private chat room.

I have always been curious about why there is such a big fuss over DNS smart IP addresses. Why would companies want to track my traffic? Is it because they want to spy on me and my friends? Or is there another reason?

Well, the truth is that there is another reason. Those who are in charge of designing the DNS software are required by law to disclose the purpose of the technology. That purpose is to allow consumers to take control of their networks. Smart cards used to control printers are also IP-based. These devices can quickly change addresses, leaving you high and dry if you do not know who you are connecting to. This makes for an insecure network.

With DNS, you can change the network you are connected to and still be able to surf the web safely. You do not need to share your details with anyone. You can also choose which software to use. Some are more secure than others. Your network will be protected and you can easily find out what sites you visit.

There are some drawbacks though. Like I said before, it takes a long time to propagate through the network like you do with a normal chat room. If you do not pay close attention, then your chat room could go dead any second. But if you are using a good DNS service, you should not have any trouble spreading and talking to your friends.

Another disadvantage is that you cannot use your chat room to play games or surf the net. But, if you choose to sign up with a good DNS service you can easily use this network to play games and surf the internet. DNS is the way to go in this case. It is so fast and easy to use.

The final advantage of DNS smart phones is that they work as if they are a regular cell phone. In other words, you can use them to make calls and send text messages. They can also access the internet on their own too.

The question now is will you buy one? Will you wait a few months until the prices come down? How much will you pay? Just a little more of the hunt, and you will soon be on your way to finding the best DNS smart phone solution for you.

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